Common Problems

  • The menu on the side of the page doesn't work at all. None of the pictures have loaded, and there are error messages everywhere.

    In case you were wondering, the menu on the left hand side is supposed to be a series of images which change when you move the mouse over them. If you can see the images but nothing happens when you move the mouse over them, or you can't see anything except error messages, JavaScript probably isn't enabled on your browser. Check your internet settings, and make sure no settings are stopping JavaScript from running correctly. If this doesn't solve the problem, you're probably using an obselete browser. You should be using at least Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.x, however the site was only tested with IE5 so we recommend using the same. Click here to get the latest version of Internet Explorer.

  • The whole site looks unfinished. The headings are all very plain, the links look too standard, and the font just doesn't suit the layout.

    It's not our fault we're not artistic! What right do you have to critisise us? Just kidding... if everything looks plain, it's probably because CSS (Cascading Style Sheets - don't worry if you don't know what it means) isn't enabled in your settings, or because your browser doesn't support CSS at all. Most of the layout on the site has been done with CSS, so if it doesn't work most fonts and colours won't work properly. Netscape is notorious for having problems running CSS documents, so if you're using Netscape, try using IE4 or higher.

  • When I click on an email link like this one I get an error message about my email program.

    Looks like you haven't installed your default email program properly, or you don't have one at all (this is likely if you only ever use a web-based email such as Hotmail). You should install a default mail client, but if you want to do that ask someone else - it's too complex to explain here. If you want to send us an email, just copy the address - - into the 'address' field of your email client.

Tips 'n' Tricks

  • Make sure you're using the browser we recommend (IE5 or newer). Don't blame us if you use something else and you have problems!

  • Make sure there's nothing wrong with your settings. If someone may have fiddled with your settings recently, check them. The best way to fix your settings is to enable all features. Be careful, though, as enabling the wrong settings may compromise security!

  • Wait for the pages to load! Something is bound to go wrong if you stop the page when it's half-loaded.

  • If all else fails, contact us and tell us what's the matter, and we'll reply with help as soon as we can.

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