Gallery - Eiffel Tower

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eiffel1.jpg Here it is all lit up at night. 17kb David
eiffel2.jpg This shot is from the bottom of the tower, but it's been taken from an interesting angle. 17kb David
eiffel3.jpg Taken from the first level of the tower, looking down onto the courtyard underneath and part of the tower itself. 47kb David
eiffel1.jpg Incredible shot of the Eiffel Tower taken from across the river. It's late afternoon and the sunset is reflecting off the water, giving the Tower a beautiful silhouette. 17kb Jeremy
eiffel2.jpg From left: Simon, Arielle, Andrea, Nicole, Katya, Fay, Jilla, David, Simone, Martha, Jeremy. Eiffel Tower in the background, with the top cut off. 37kb Jeremy
eiffel3.jpg Picture-postcard shot of the Eiffel Tower with fountains shooting towards it. 26kb Jeremy
eiffel4.jpg Jeremy, looking very happy to be surrounded by naked goddesses. 47kb Jeremy
eiffel5.jpg Would be a beautiful picture, just David stuck his head in the way of the Eiffel Tower! 25kb Jeremy
eiffel6.jpg This was taken from directly underneath the Eiffel Tower. Looking straight up, it shows it from an angle we don't usually see - the inside. 44kb Jeremy
eiffel7.jpg From left: Arielle, Simone, Martha, Nicole, Fay, David Katya. Taken at the bottom of the Tower. 59kb Jeremy
eiffel8.jpg From the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking towards the Arc De Triomphe. 68kb Jeremy
eiffel9.jpg Looking at the fountains from the top of the Tower. 74kb Jeremy
eiffel10.jpg Stuck my camera over the edge, at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Don't look if you're scared of heights. 45kb Jeremy
eiffel11.jpg Looking towards the Louvre from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 68kb Jeremy
eiffel12.jpg Bridges, bridges, bridges... view of the Seine from the top of the Tower. 52kb Jeremy

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