Gallery - Hotel des Invalides

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invalid1.jpg From left: Andrea, Nicole, Simone, Martha, Fay, David, Simon, Katya, Jilla, Pip, Jeremy. Outside Les Invalides, sitting next to a fountain. 33kb Jeremy
invalid2.jpg From left: Andrea, Simone, Martha, Jeremy, Katya. In the courtyard at Les Invalides. 27kb Jeremy
invalid3.jpg From left: Katya, Andrea, Simone, Fay, Jilla, Jeremy, Martha. On the cobblestone road leading up to Les Invalides. 55kb Jeremy
invalid4.jpg From left: Andrea, Jeremy, Simon, David. The 4 boys in front of Napoleon's tomb. 34kb Jeremy
invalid5.jpg Napoleon's tomb. 56kb Jeremy
invalid6.jpg Hotel Les Invalides fron the courtyard. 37kb Jeremy

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