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class.jpg All of us enjoying our lessons at the Accord language school. 36kb David
concord1.jpg Nice shot of Place De La Concorde, the place where 20,000 people got their heads chopped off. 36kb David
gargoyle.jpg One of the gargoyles at Notre Dame. This one looks really bored - must get a bit repetitive, looking at the same old scenery day in day out. 30kb David
icecream.jpg In the supermarket in Paris, near the school. We were preparing to raid the ice cream freezer. 46kb David
patisrie.jpg Pigging out in Paris's oldest patisserie! 38kb David
class.jpg All of us enjoying our lessons at the Accord language school. 36kb David
pompidou.jpg Chilling out in front of the Pompidou centre, Paris's modern art museum. Artists, musicians and such everywhere. 61kb David
restront.jpg Having a night out on the town. This is a really traditional restaurant we went to in Paris. 38kb David
simon.jpg Simon. He gets jokes. 19kb David
twogirls.jpg Two girls gone shopping in Paris. 77kb David
defense1.jpg Nice view of the skyscrapers of La Defense and the Arc De Triomphe in the distance, from the steps of the Grande Arche. 51kb Jeremy
defense2.jpg Great shot of the Grande Arche, taken from just in front of it. 30kb Jeremy
gaystair.jpg Only one thing we can say about these...GAY FRENCH STAIRS! 42kb Jeremy
laurent1.jpg Our favourite teacher, Laurent, teaching us something so difficult only we could get it. 18kb Jeremy
carsign.jpg Are you serious? I didn't know you weren't supposed to drive your car into the river! Thanks for telling me. 51kb Jeremy
opera1.jpg Nice sweeping shot of Place De L'Opera, with all the golden statues on the roof and everything. 40kb Jeremy
pigeon.jpg My first french pigeon. 37kb Jeremy
police.jpg Those French policeman just can't resist a couple of Aussie girls! 45kb Jeremy
stoneass.jpg David getting dirty with the statue. 42kb Jeremy
swimming.jpg We went swimming in the fountains at the Louvre. You believe us, don't you? We would never do trick photography! 48kb Jeremy
thierry1.jpg Thierry trying to look cool with a cigarette hanging out in class. 24kb Jeremy

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