Gallery - Versailles

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versail1.jpg From left: Jilla, Katya, Pip, Fay, Andrea, Martha, Arielle, David. Andrea looking left out as everyone else kisses in front of Versailles. 58kb David
versail2.jpg Back row from left: Mrs Bird, Jeremy, Martha, Jilla, our guide, Simon, Andrea. Front row from left: Arielle, Fay, Nicole, Katya, Simone, Pip. I don't know what's more beautiful, us or the gardens! 47kb David
versail3.jpg The incredible gardens of Versailles. 46kb David
versail4.jpg The king's bed in the palace of Versailles. 45kb David
versail5.jpg Jilla, Nicole and Simon in front of the grand entrance to Versailles. 33kb David

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